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Components of a Computer

 Flash Cards

Video courtesy of GCF Free

Let's take a quick look at what parts make up a computer.  The video to the right will give you a short overview of what makes a computer run. 
Then, below, flip through the flash cards to practice naming the components.  
Knowing what is inside a computer may help you troubleshoot problems in the future.  Suppose you have a problem and you have to call tech help?  It will go much quicker if you have some idea of what parts make the machine work.  

Computer Components Matching

Input and Output Devices

Computers need to be able to talk with other devices. The way it communicates is through input and output devices. Input devices allow you to send information to the CPU, which will direct the activities of the computer. Output devices receive information from the CPU and translate it into sounds or images you can understand. 

Input Examples


Output Examples


Is it Input or Output?

Directions: Click "Start Game" and drag the items onto either Input or Output depending on what the computer component does.  See how fast you can complete the game with 100% accuracy.  Leave a comment on how quickly you finished the game.  You will have to leave your name and email address to submit a comment.  Please only leave your first name and your email address if you'd like to add your time to the comments.  Thanks!
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