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STEM Course Expectations


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This semester long course is designed for students to explore STEM concepts through hands-on learning.  Students will learn and use the engineering design process to solve problems in a collaborative fashion.  Students will investigate different STEM careers to broaden their understanding of the field.


  • Utilize the engineering design process in problem solving

  • Measure using standard and metric devices

  • Define the geometric coordinate system

  • Apply safe practices with the use of technology

  • Use computational thinking, problem solving, and decision making as it relates to STEM education

  • Code and debug computer programs

  • Recognize algorithms

  • Create robotic models

  • Collaborate in teams which foster creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication

  • Identify STEM careers


Requested Supplies-Pens, Pencils, Earbuds, Tissues

This class will be using a lot of consumable supplies.  If you are able and willing, please visit to access our class wish list. 

Thank you so much for your support for our class.

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Assessment Methods & Grading

Performance Tasks, Participation, Quizzes, Tests, and Essays are all methods of assessment along with semester exams.

  • Formative and Summative Assessments make up 80% of the semester & course final grade. 

  • Semester Exam makes up 20% of the final grade.

The hands-on nature of the course will require daily participation and effort. Daily attendance is very important.  Alternative assignments may be assigned as make-up work, however missing out on the work in class will sometimes result in missing key concepts.

Scheduling a tutoring session to make-up essential work may also be required. Assignments missed will be found online in our Google Classroom class. Since make-up work can vary, it is essential that the student check-in with me after an absence to ensure that the correct work is completed.  Students will have three days to complete make-up work from the day they return from their absence.

creating conditionals

Conditional statements make the world go around.  Where would we be without Mom saying, "If you eat your dinner, you will get dessert." 

If statements are at the core of the conditional.  As practice, my students had to create an explosion when their image grew to a predetermined size.  

Skills practiced included sprite.scale, greater than operator, draw loop, creating variables, setting animation, and of if statement.  

Create an Explosion.png
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