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Why do I need to organize my files?

Let's be realistic.  Files add up quickly.  Even with Ctrl +F to help find things, if they aren't named and filed carefully you are NEVER going to find what you need.
  • Use categorized folders
    • ​each class should have its own folder
  • Use subfolders but don't overdo it
    • ​within class folders, have unit folders
  • Use a consistent naming convention for your files
    • ​name assignments by LastName-AssignmentName
  • Archive things you don't need
    • ​have a folder named "Archive" 
    • after a class is over, drag the folder into the Archive folder so you don't have it clutterin up your Drive
  • Use a consistent place to save things
    • ​Google Drive will be our go to place to save things
    • its a good idea to have a secondary place to keep a backup of your work


* Image created with Piktochart by Ms. Maria Jones, Ed Tech

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