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computer design course expectations


This semester long course will introduce students to the concepts of multimedia and graphic design.  Students will complete a portfolio website as a capstone project for the semester. 

Requested Supplies

Pens, Pencils, Earbuds, Tissues

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  • To define terminology related to computer multimedia design.

  • To identify the principles of layout design.

  • To apply the principles of typography. 

  • To compare multimedia presentations. 

  • To explore the use of graphic design in print and web applications.

  • To produce a student portfolio.

  • To discuss issues related to copyright, invasion of privacy, data security, and the ethical use of information. 

  • To explore career opportunities related to graphic design

Assessment Methods 

Performance Tasks, Participation, Quizzes, Tests, and Essays are all methods of assessment along with semester exams.

  • Formative and Summative Assessments make up 80% of the semester & course final grade. 

  • Semester Exam makes up 20% of the final grade.



Alternate assignments may be assigned as make-up work, however missing out on the work in class will sometimes result in missing key concepts.

Scheduling a tutoring session to make-up essential work may also be required. Assignments missed will be found online in our Google Classroom class. Since make-up work can vary, it is essential that the student check-in with me after an absence to ensure that the correct work is completed.  Students will have three days to complete make-up work from the day they return from their absence.


The hands-on nature of the course will require daily participation and effort. Daily attendance is very important. 

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