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A spreadsheet is a document that is arranged in rows and columns.  Each individual box in the spreadsheet is known as a cell.  Spreadsheets are a wonderful way to organize information like a contact list.  They are a fantastic place to collect, sort and use data.  Many calculations can be performed in a spreadsheet.  Data can also be represented in a chart. A spreadsheet is a very versatile tool that can be used to solve many problems.

Using Google Sheets
Using Microsoft Excel
Basic Parts of a Spreadsheet
Toolbar: this is where you will find all the commands you need in order to format and/or calculate within your spreadsheet
Cell: one of the boxes in the spreadsheet
Active Cell: This is the cell you are working in.  You can tell it is the active cell because the border is darker than it is on the rest of the cells
Row: Rows run horizontally in the spreadsheet.  They are numbered on the left hand side of the screen.
Column: Columns run vertically in the spreadsheet.  They letterd across the top of the screen.
Formula Bar: This is where you enter the formulas that you need calculated.
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