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Word Processing

Word processing is a way to describe using a computer or tablet to create, edit, share, and print documents. Examples of documents that might be created using a word processor are letters, essays, research reports, and fictional stories. Back in the old days, people use typewriters. Word processing on a computer has made typing up things much faster and more efficient.

Specific word processing tools include Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs.  There are others, but these would be the three most popular.

For our purposes, we are going to be using Google Docs.

Creating Lists

Thank you to Alice Keeler for her awesome tutorial on making lists in Docs.  If you have issues with the video playing on the page, please go to Bullets & Numbering in Google Docs


Lists are a great way to organize information in a word processing document. Alice Keeler shares how to make both numbered and bulleted lists.  She taught me something new...find out what Shift + Tab can do for you when you are making lists.  

mind blown.png

Creating Tables

Another way to organize information in a word processing document is to create a table.  GCF Learn Free has created an amazing tutorial on how to create and format a table in Google Docs.  If you would like to see written directions on how to create and format a table, please visit GCF LearnFree Google Docs- Working with Tables 

Using Google Docs
Using Microsoft Word
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